decorative concrete for walks, patios


The Decorative Overlays System is excellent for resurfacing virtually any masonry or concrete surface.  Decorative Overlays are created with a high strength polymer modified grout mix designed for replicating stone textures over existing concrete or masonry surfaces.  Decorative Concrete Overlays are chemically designed to address the many challenges of replicating natural stone textures.


  • The surface is power washed, expansion cuts are made if necessary, and any area(s) not to be done are taped off.
  • A PH test is performed.  A water test is also performed to decide if there are oils evident which must be removed.  If concrete is finished tight, the surface will be acid washed so the pores will be open in order to achieve a roughened surface to assure proper adhesion and then rinsed with soap and water.  If acid washing is done, a PH test will be performed again.
  • eurofinish Base Mix is then troweled onto the entire surface.  Grout color will be added if desired.
  • Apply tape in design desired.
  • Decorative Overlays and the surface color desired are applied over the entire area, including tape.
  • Tape is removed and surface is swept free of loose material.
  • Colorant is then applied with a sponge or spray bottle to achieve the varied color between stones.  If an accent color is chosen, it will be applied at this time.
  • Area is cleaned, all debris is removed from site, and one coat of sealer is applied to the Decorative Overlay area.

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